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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla Labs has introduced its concept of a desktop replacement called Webian Shell. The Webian Shell basically consists of a browser which will replace the traditional desktop, and where the web applications are given more importance than the native applications.
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RE[3]: Oh boy...
by pandronic on Thu 9th Jun 2011 21:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Oh boy..."
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Eh, not really young, I've done a lot of DOS programming in the 90s, and had to deal with all this. Those were not good times. I'd rather change jobs completely than deal with these concepts again.

As time goes by and we have more and more processing power we can afford to abstract all the low level stuff. Isn't it better to just work with ideas and not get lost in unnecessary implementation details?

Oh man, I guess I'm a pretty good time traveller, spending a lot of my time 30 years back every day B] These arcane concepts make your shiny JS-world go'round young one

If someone would bother to write a decent JS compiler you could completely rewrite my "shiny JS world" with it. My guess is that people are comfortable with what they know and speaking against entrenched concepts will get you labeled as a fool before anyone even considers the merit of your ideas.

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