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Internet & Networking It's official now. The signs had been there for a while now. While the west bangs on about the importance of freedom and democracy, they don't actually want anyone to have too much of it. The US, France, and the UK have jointly pretty much declared war on freedom on the web.
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RE: Let's all panic!!!
by olefiver on Fri 10th Jun 2011 13:04 UTC in reply to "Let's all panic!!!"
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The US law would only block countries that have blatantly violated IP violations (read: software and entertainment piracy).
Block countries?
You mean that if the US can confirm that norwegians pirate Hollywood movies, the US will block Norwegian internet?
In that case considering how much piracy originates from Russia and Brazil I smell a major international situation...

Please elaborate if I'm misunderstanding you.

Let's also not forget that in the US in particular free speech advocates have a pretty loud voice so the idea that the US, the UK and France will "declare war" on free speech on the Internet is a stretch on par with the Beijing gymnastics team.
Sure USA has many loud voiced free speech advocates, but both MPAA and RIAA got loud money.
Also consider the "Think of the children!" effect.

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It gets even more interesting; US networks are in the top five for originating spam and malware.

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