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Internet & Networking It's official now. The signs had been there for a while now. While the west bangs on about the importance of freedom and democracy, they don't actually want anyone to have too much of it. The US, France, and the UK have jointly pretty much declared war on freedom on the web.
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I know that wikipedia it's not a reliable or stickler information source. However:

It reads:
"In the contemporary political and cultural context, the Western World generally refers to the nations of North America, Western and Central Europe, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand."

I think Thom wanted to say that Chile is not a fully developed country.

I think we can use wikipedia as a source of information since it is the only one I think is the easiest way to access information. Then we can search for additional sources to confirm if the wiki was really stating the truth.

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yes we can.
to my eyes: when you make any statement, none can deny its validity just becouse of the source. He must make a counter-proof. It is called: logic.

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I've always found that Wikipaedia is a very useful source of information, until I'm looking up an article about which I already know a fair amount. Then I inevitably find the article to be frequently wrong or misleading. Makes me wonder about all the other articles ...

My guess is its the same with all Encyclopaedias though.

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