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Apple So, yeah, uhm, I bought an iPad 2 today. I still don't think anyone really needs a tablet, but that doesn't mean I didn't want one. I wanted to wait until the HP TouchPad was announced, but now that it has, it seems it won't be coming to The Netherlands any time soon. As such, the iPad 2 it was. A few quick fist impressions.
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my MacBook Air looks and feels just as sturdy as the iPad 2, but its SSD died within two weeks, and the left side of the display discoloured within a few months

This is frightening, especially given the fact that it's from Apple, and given the high price tag.

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This is frightening, especially given the fact that it's from Apple, and given the high price tag.

Whilst the screen discolouration is definitely not good, SSD failure isn't that unusual.

I know ssds are supposed to be more reliable than hard drives but (anecdotally) ssds seem to fail quite easily these days.

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Glad it's just anecdotal then, since I have had my SSD running as my boot drive in my MacPro for about 2 years, SSD in MBP for 2 years, and SSD in my HP 6130 for 1.5 years now and had nary a hiccup in any of them. Oh yeah, even my wife's MB is running an Intel X-25 and she's nothing but school girl giddy about its general performance. So either I'm really lucky, across 4 machines, or other people have had terrible experiences.

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I use an SSD in my zero-dB desktop, and it failed after a year, but it was still under guarantee. But still, that sucks, I lost almost a week of work.

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I wouldn't say SSD's are more reliable. But you could say SSD's are more resistant to shock.

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FTA:This is frightening, especially given the fact that it's from Apple, and given the high price tag.

Apple has to buy from the same companies that supply to Windows consumers (many so cheap that they'd crap their pants than use a pay toilet.) If it wasn't for the cheaper-is-better mentality throughout the PC world, you'd have chip fabs and display manufacturers creating more reliable products for Apple to use.

I've been an engineer for over 30 years. When I got into the field, a decent personal computer cost about as much as an economy car. Now a bunch of know-nothing consumers have driven down quality with their refusal to buy any computer that costs more than a mediocre bicycle.

Those parts of Apple products that are designed by Apple and exclusive to Apple are usually of the highest quality. Just look at a Mac Pro case. Pop the latch on the back and open side cover. The manufacturing precision and tolerances are enough to get anyone with mechanical engineering/manufacturing expertise to get weak in the knees.

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Be careful what you wish for. One might say that all desktops, even the older ones are cheap pieces of sh*t compared to supercomputing clusters, and that we really should go back to the times where people rented mainframe time for a hefty price, accessed them from the distance, and had to hand their precious data to an unknown corporation...


Cloud computing is such a modern idea...

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