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Google "If you want a Windows laptop, get a Windows laptop. But, if you want an easy-to-use, Web-based laptop, consider getting a Chromebook. So long as you realize that the Samsung Series 5 and its brother from another company, the Acer Chromebook, is not a full-featured Windows or Linux notebook computer you’ll be fine."
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RE: Comment by andih
by pantheraleo on Tue 14th Jun 2011 17:33 UTC in reply to "Comment by andih"
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I really hope chromebooks will become very successful, as I believe that might help opening up a few monopolized "standards" around the web..?

Monopolized standards? You mean like "Google is the Web?" That standard? ;)

Seriously though, Google is becoming just a little too powerful for my tastes when it comes to how much control they have over our online lives, and what information you can and cannot easily find on the Web.

Google should be giving these way for free, really, given that Google's online services they are designed to work with are ad supported, unless you have a business account. In which case you are already paying for the online service.

Don't think I will be buying one of these since more of my life is already on Google that I am comfortable with.

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