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Podcasts In an attempt to be current it's a new OSNews podcast episode! Trendy, current topics covered thus, are: A little bit of pre-banter on Windows 8, Microsoft's purchase of Skype for 8 BILLION DOLLARS, Apple's iOS5 / iCloud announcements, and repetitive imagination strain going on at E3.
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No eating, please
by vodoomoth on Wed 15th Jun 2011 19:19 UTC
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Just one thing guys: DO NOT EAT on a frickin podcast, seriously. I've just started to listen to this episode and only a few minutes into it and both guys have been eating! Really, it's not like it's a live cannot-be-edited podcast. Want to feel full? Do it before the show. Want to feel empty? Again, do it before the show if you can't hold it.

I've listened to the whole podcast series several times just for hearing some English in the English-phobic country that France is and I had already noticed, several times, noises of fork vs plate fights, or phones ringing, or cats meowing, etc. The casual, unscripted, bar-counter-discussion side that you once attached to the show is absolutely no excuse for these... distractions. The cat is another story though.

Why do you treat the podcast like that? Anyway, if I were Tess, I would be pissed off. I'm not a co-host and I'm already pissed off 6 minutes into the thing.

Don't get sloppy. Please.

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RE: No eating, please
by Kroc on Wed 15th Jun 2011 20:24 in reply to "No eating, please"
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The Windows 8 discussion was actually done before we started the show. Thus we were drinking tea / coffee and munching before the recording, but often we end up slipping into a good discussion before we're ready and I didn't want to leave it out.

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RE[2]: No eating, please
by tessmonsta on Fri 17th Jun 2011 16:44 in reply to "RE: No eating, please"
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Yeah, we need to be careful about that in the future. I don't think I even *had* breakfast before recording...

Usually I try to sip some coffee myself during the pod given the early hour we record. I usually use my mic mute switch to keep down the noise. This time, however, I think I forgot to point Skype at my headset and it used the laptop mic instead. Oh well, Pazi's contribution was splendid. ^_^;;

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