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Podcasts In an attempt to be current it's a new OSNews podcast episode! Trendy, current topics covered thus, are: A little bit of pre-banter on Windows 8, Microsoft's purchase of Skype for 8 BILLION DOLLARS, Apple's iOS5 / iCloud announcements, and repetitive imagination strain going on at E3.
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Actual contents
by vodoomoth on Wed 15th Jun 2011 20:48 UTC
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Kroc said that no one has really made accessing one's data and HD over the web simple enough. The thing is that Opera did just that: you only need their browser (of course!) with Opera Unite and any of the Web server, File sharing and/or File Inbox apps. The configuration is just a root path to indicate. Other than that, your data is accessible from any Internet-capable device. But there's a catch: AFAIK, the data transit through their servers. There is also a hitch: their API/framework/paradigm/whatnot is flawed and all apps are dreadful black holes that eat resources like nothing I've seen before. Too many status update requests back to their servers; the requests end up piling up and killing both the client browser and the machine server. Good idea turned badly implemented.

Thom's got an iPad, that's shocking news.

Well, it was a very funny show, probably the funniest (, priceless!) And with great contributions from an inspired Tess (and her roommate's thing of beauty...).

Last, is "extro" a word?

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RE: Actual contents
by Kroc on Thu 16th Jun 2011 07:35 in reply to "Actual contents"
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Last, is "extro" a word?

No, not really, it's just a bit of humour. "Extro" is the obvious opposite to "Intro" like the opposite of "Entrance" is "Extrance" ;)

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