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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku Alpha 3 has been in development for more than 14 months. In that time more than 800 bugs have been identified and fixed, major sections have been updated, applications have been added and updated, and great progress has been made in supporting additional hardware. Here is a summary of updates, more details can be found here. Also inside, interviews with some core Haiku developers.
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"Why can't the Haiku developers just tell developers that libraries should be included in application bundles?"

Some developers use this strategy now. It has pluses and minuses. One problem from this is very fat executables. Another problem is that the app is frozen to a lib that cannot be updated for bug fixes, vulnerability fixes, optimizations, or other improvements.

Also, Haiku developers can provide guidelines to app developers but cannot be dictators. We look to the Haiku developers for wisdom, not absolute laws.

It is my understanding that a shared library provides 'sharing' at run time. This way one lib can be used by many apps and the OS, at once, while they are running. This reduces memory footprints and loading times. This does not have anything to do with version issues. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Also, I am not so familiar with OSX, so I can't answer what it uses for lib versioning. Certainly some brilliant solution invented by Steve Jobs, possibly requiring a black turtleneck :-)

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