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Linux In a blog post today, Adobe's Director of Open Source and Standards said: "we will be focusing on supporting partner implementations and will no longer be releasing our own versions of Adobe AIR and the AIR SDK for desktop Linux". McAllister says that "way back in 1999" he'd predicted "a significant market for desktop Linux by 2005. Obviously I was wrong. So we, Adobe, also need to shift with the market." Source code for AIR will be made available to partners so they can make their own Linux implementations if they so desire. Is there anyone in the audience who cares about no more AIR on Linux from Adobe? Anyone...?
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Assuming for the sake of argument that say a Flash solution is the best technically for a given client you advocate not using it because some future hypothetical client might object. I don't agree with this philosophy.

If you are building software specifically for a given client, and that client is paying you to develop the software for them, that's a different story. The client owns the rights to the software you develop then. In that case, if the client allows flash, and it's a good fit. Then go ahead and use it.

I'm talking something where you develop a more generalized solution to a business problem that you might want to try to sell to 50, 100, or more customers. Think of it this way, if Google Apps, and GMail were written in Flash instead of Javascript, that would be a deal breaker for some potential business customers that don't allow Flash.

I'm talking software more along those types of lines. You may not have any customers when you develop the software. You plan to sell it to them as a service after you have developed it. In that case, it's foolish to use flash / flex. Because not all businesses allow flash. So some future customers might reject your software because it requires flash.

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