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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku Alpha 3 has been in development for more than 14 months. In that time more than 800 bugs have been identified and fixed, major sections have been updated, applications have been added and updated, and great progress has been made in supporting additional hardware. Here is a summary of updates, more details can be found here. Also inside, interviews with some core Haiku developers.
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" some of us can read, I know its hard to fathom, he said that the hybrid have won, back in 1992. So was he correct. Yes he was.
Your reading and comprehension skills seem to be rather lacking. You still have not defined what "winning" means in your very particular context.
last year the pc market sold around 300million machines. How many linux server are in the whole world ? Not that many.
Do you realize that in that figure you are listing, over half of those units come from Commercial applications. Which include enterprise and server duties? Android devices have been sold upwards of 20 million units per quarter, for example, so there is a significant volume of linux devices out there. Wether or not you can fathom that, however...

Wow 20 million per quarter, unreal. How many PC total last year ?

Wait, I think winning is defined by marketshare, and linux isn't "Winning" there either.

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thanks for proving my point regarding you poor lack of reading and comprehension skills.

The point was that Linux was far from having a minuscule market share. Esp. if compared to real microkernel OSes, like QNX.

BTW, Tanenbaum argument was regarding microkernels, not hybrid systems like OSX or modern NT kernels. Because that is what Minix, his creation, is: a microkernel. He may have been technically correct, in fact I agree with him in some of his points/views.

However, given the minuscule market share of minix vs. linux, I would have expected you to know better than to use a fallacy like an argument to popularity. You should provide actual technical reasons as to why Tanenbaun "won" according to you.

But that clearly won't happen, as it is clear you're just a kid with waay too much time during the summer and obviously learning is not one of your priorities. So have fun trolling instead.

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thanks for proving my point regarding you poor lack of reading and comprehension skills.

The point was that Linux was far from having a minuscule market share. Esp. if compared to real microkernel OSes, like QNX.

your idiocy is getting really tiring, when I troll some linux threads, then you can say I am trolling, the troll here is you. How does linux end up in every Osnew thread here ? Becuase linux users are trolls evangelizing to people who don't care.

I don't care and neither does some 85%+ of the PC market. In all honesty they don't care about Haiku either, but then Haiku hasn't had the hype, evangelizing,advertising and push that linux based OS's have had.

Secondly, keep your linux comments in Linux threads.

Linux is, has and continues to be a massive desktop computing fialure for everyone but people who likc dicking around with their computers.

You should just stick to linux, you like it. We can get by without folks like you just fine all day.Linux sucks to bad at desktop computing that even with a pricetag of zero, hardly anyone uses it on the desktop and by hardly anyone I mean out of they roughly 1 billion pc's on the planet, maybe 2-3 million use linux as a desktop OS.

Don't try throwing in redhat, those are professionally developed solutions that could hardly be called Linux, they are specifically configured workstations, including all those PC's might get you 6 million desktop linux users.

Linux should stick to CLI server applications, its great there. the problem with linux however is that its not a OS, its just a kernel.

At least the Haiku team is building a OS, not a do it yourself kernel with a bunch of shit bolted together and sawn up and called a OS.

Enough already. You linux a$#%@#$%es need to stop f%%%king up this website.

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