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Legal This make me a sad little facepalming unicorn. Apple has just slapped the open source home server project Amahi with a cease and desist letter about the project's use of the term 'app store' - stop using the term, or face Cupertino's army of lawyers. Note: Please help me find out what 'Mac App' is, a supposed Apple product from 1985 - the first citation of the term 'app' in the Oxford English Dictionary. Another note: Okay I should've guessed that publications from that time could still correct company's horrid camel case spelling without unleashing the wrath of fanboys - it's MacApp, not Mac App. Gra├žias, guys!
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So you used "apps" when referring to iphone apps, android apps, smart phone apps ? You're not proving your point with that explanation. But from other's comments it looks like some people from the developer community have used the term. The rest of the world actually did hear it from Apple.

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First; the use of "apps" refering to "applications" which are "programs" well before Apple's Istuff.

Second; the use of "apps" refering also to "applets" including "Java applets" and smartphone applets. This actually goes back to the PDA days on handtop devices and "Java applets" commonly used on desktops long before Apple's Istuff.

We can go back even further to find references to "Appz, Gamez, Pics".

It is hardly a term that began with Apple.

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The term "app" was being used to refer to computer applications at least a decade and a half before the Apple app store:

Also, someone has shown in this thread that the term "app" made it into the Oxford Dictionary in 2001. So, the term had to be in widespread use at least six years prior to the Apple app store.

Yet another thing that Apple did not invent (nor "popularize"). Sorry, fanboys.

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