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Internet & Networking After an epic vote fail in the lower house yesterday (labour accidentally voted against net neutrality lolfail), which was rectified today, The Netherlands has officially become the second country in the world, and the first in Europe, to turn net neutrality into law (okay, technically it needs to pass the senate, but that's more of a formality in our system). A big middle finger to Sarkozy, Cameron, and Obama. Hey Chile, ./ We're honoured to follow in your footsteps!
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I just saw a government outlawing businesses.

The government outlaws a lot of stuff that you could potentially make money from. Sometimes that's good, sometimes not so.

Dozens of people will come home from work today and tell their families they don't have a job anymore.

Don't be so dramatic unless you can back it up.

No you really have such a naive faith in governments as it seems?

No but neither do I have the almost endearing, misguided faith in the inherent good of the market that many people seem to have.

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