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Internet & Networking After an epic vote fail in the lower house yesterday (labour accidentally voted against net neutrality lolfail), which was rectified today, The Netherlands has officially become the second country in the world, and the first in Europe, to turn net neutrality into law (okay, technically it needs to pass the senate, but that's more of a formality in our system). A big middle finger to Sarkozy, Cameron, and Obama. Hey Chile, ./ We're honoured to follow in your footsteps!
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Berend de Boer,

"These are companies providing filtering services for their customers (i.e. porn filters), so customers get so called 'safe' internet. That just became illegal."

I doubt the validity of this statement. If you can cite the relevant piece of legislation then we can debate it.

In principal, I see no reason an ISP couldn't offer add-on services to customers, but these services should be completely elective (as in explicit opt-in) and should not preclude customers from signing up to competing services.

If the ISP wants to offer these services in such a way that discriminates against competing services, then that should be illegal.

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