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Features, Office The Calligra Office Suite has announced its second snapshot release. The project, which is a fork of KOffice, is building a suite of productivity and creativity applications and is working towards its first formal end-user release due in October. The project is seeking feedback from end users particularly in the area of usability of the GUI. With this snapshot Calligra Office Words is claiming better compatibility with .docx than LibreOffice, and also claims to be approaching the best compatibility with legacy .doc formats.
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" Waaaaaay more sophisticated than Abiword.
whats your problem with abiword? In many cases I do not need msoffice functionality and work with abiword on windows. It is a good product. It misses collaboration functionality but I use it as a word processor. I am interested on trying calligra on mswindows (or much better reactos as long as the issues with kde on windows are resolved, I never understood why they support vc++, mingw (x)or mingw64 are enough). Yes I am an open source junky but I think I have a (practical) point here. "

I have absolutely no problem with Abiword, it is indeed a good product. It does what it does very well. It is a far better option for people, IMO, than other products of approximately the same capability ... such as Wordpad. Everyone would without a doubt be far better off using Abiword rather than Wordpad.

This was the original poster's comment: "The interface doesn't seem to be developed much at all, being overly simplistic while in its default layout wasting more space than any other app and showing less functionality than Abiword (I think it's meant to be more advanced)."

Calligra Words certainly is more advanced than Abiword. While it is true to say that the existing KWord UI is not very discoverable and that it wastes space, my comment in reply was to point out that Calligra Words is considerably more sophisticated (more capable) than Abiword. In conjunction with the rest of the Calligra suite, it does a lot more. You are not really comparing Apples with Apples. It is like comparing Wordpad to Word ... they aren't even in the same ballpark.

This doesn't mean that Abiword is no good, Abiword is absolutely fine for what it does. It just means that Calligra Words and Abiword don't really compete with one another.

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