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Internet & Networking So, while The Netherlands just adopted net neutrality, the US is now nearing a comprehensive agreement on a piracy crackdown system. It will include throttling internet speeds, limiting access to e.g. only the top 200 websites, and forced participation in an educational program on copyright. The system has been drafted by the White House, big content, and ISPs. I guess this is the final nail in the coffin for net neutrality in the land of the 'free'.
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RE[3]: Uhh... net neutrality?
by Morgan on Fri 24th Jun 2011 03:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Uhh... net neutrality?"
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You're right, there shouldn't be a comparison between what's going on in the Netherlands and what is going on here in the States, which is why I didn't mention the Netherlands (I know, the parent article did). And network neutrality should never be about "policing" the 'net. However...

Even here, no-body's proposing to, say, block access to certain sites for end-users

That's exactly what they are proposing! One of the provisions of this deal is what I described above, that they would limit access to 200 arbitrary sites, out of the literally billions of web sites in existence. That is such an extreme example of anti-neutrality that it boggles the mind. If you use recent figures for legitimate websites in existence (~2.024B) that comes out to an accused (not convicted!) infringing party being able to see only 0.00000098% of the Web. Not to mention, "the Web" is not the entirety of the Internet, and if the subject is restricted to just those 200 web sites he obviously is also restricted from all of the non-WWW content.

That is why I feel this is a slap in the face to network neutrality in the U.S. Regardless of the lame excuse they came up with regarding IP protection, it's still wrong and highly anti-consumer.

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