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Features, Office The Calligra Office Suite has announced its second snapshot release. The project, which is a fork of KOffice, is building a suite of productivity and creativity applications and is working towards its first formal end-user release due in October. The project is seeking feedback from end users particularly in the area of usability of the GUI. With this snapshot Calligra Office Words is claiming better compatibility with .docx than LibreOffice, and also claims to be approaching the best compatibility with legacy .doc formats.
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RE[6]: holding things back
by lemur2 on Sun 26th Jun 2011 09:10 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: holding things back"
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Thank you as that is EXACTLY what I was talking about! Not a single doc I saw mangled was saved in ODF, all were saved as .doc (the 97-2003 compatible setting I believe) in Open Office. I lost 15 points from a mangled Open Office doc, dropping the paper from an A to a C, and my oldest lost 10 points with the latest Libre office because of the same reason.

My goodness you Americans are utterly spineless. I presume you are American, you clearly aren't Brazilian or anywhere sophisticated like that.

If my son or daughter handed up a file which they could demonstrate worked perfectly, and their teacher was so incompetent as to be unable to open it, especially as a PDF, and the teacher further then had the audacity to try to penalise my son or daughter for the teacher's incompetence, then I would petition to have that teacher sacked.

If the school resisted, I would take the case to the educational body that ran the school, and try to have the school's funding revoked.

I am the customer here, and I am right. It is not up to my son or daughter to have to teach the school how to do IT. The school has not one leg to stand on here, given that the technology they needed to be able to keep up with the competence of their own students was free software which would cost the school absolutely nothing to install.

Who is supposed to be teaching whom?

Who is paying for the service of providing the education, who is paying for the teacher's wages? ... I'll give you a hint, it isn't the school.

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