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Multimedia, AV "Apple have been processing refunds for Final Cut Pro X as complaints flood in from grumpy pros - and it seems they are taking a lenient approach. Although the iTunes/App Store terms and conditions state that 'all sales are final' [ed. note: isn't this illegal?], when an application does not meet the expectations of a user, like in the case of a 59p iPhone game, Apple have been known to refund the purchase. Now it seems they are doing so with Final Cut Pro X to the tune of $299."
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"All Sales Are Final" clauses...
by Almafeta on Tue 28th Jun 2011 23:31 UTC
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... are legal because they imply the sale is final - i.e., you cannot return it for cash. You can still demand a refund if you can prove that what you recieved is substantially different than what you were sold. Some states in the US also require exchanges for defective products in the case of "all sales are final", although that's not considered a refund because the merchant is simply fulfilling the implied contract of purchase.

But if they sold the app store items "as is", like most open source licenses state, you would be agreeing to purchase it without the chance for an exchange or refund.

I don't have iTunes or the App Store, so I can't tell you what they used...

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Well, in France I think you have a legal 1 week/2 weeks delay during which you can get an exchange or full price refund, even though there's a number of exceptions (e.g. you can't return used underwears, and for goods with a very limited number of uses like food or ink cartridges there are also some issues).

It's like that part of the consumer law that states that if items are only sold in bundles in a shop, it is your right to open the bundle and take as many as you want from it. Though good luck for getting your legal rights acknowledged in some shops...

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In the UK online purchases such as app stores are covered by the Distance Selling Act and you have a week cooling off period for whatever reason you wish.

As an app developer I can assure you that Apple does indeed issue full refunds (because they are clearly labelled in the sales reports), but from what I can see they don't make it easy for users.

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