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Multimedia, AV "Apple have been processing refunds for Final Cut Pro X as complaints flood in from grumpy pros - and it seems they are taking a lenient approach. Although the iTunes/App Store terms and conditions state that 'all sales are final' [ed. note: isn't this illegal?], when an application does not meet the expectations of a user, like in the case of a 59p iPhone game, Apple have been known to refund the purchase. Now it seems they are doing so with Final Cut Pro X to the tune of $299."
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by fran on Wed 29th Jun 2011 00:52 UTC
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For interesting sake.
The three biggest players here in order of market share among movie professionals are.
(With an example of a complicated FX movie edited with it.)

Avid Media Composer $1800
"Inception" was edited with it.

Apple Final Cut Pro $300
X-Men Wolverine was edited with it.

Sony Vegas Pro 10 $600
The 2009 flick "Paranormal activity" was edited with it.

From this you can see why Apple Final Cut pro is gaining pro market share, or maybe now "was" gaining market share until recently with all the Final Cut Pro X unhappiness.

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RE: factsoup
by _txf_ on Wed 29th Jun 2011 09:30 in reply to "factsoup"
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Apple Final Cut Pro $300
X-Men Wolverine was edited with it.

$300 is wrong. Final Cut Pro used to be $999. I doubt they were using X ;)

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RE[2]: factsoup
by fran on Wed 29th Jun 2011 10:48 in reply to "RE: factsoup"
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Yes...It seems the $300 is only the upgrade price.

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RE: factsoup
by makc on Sat 2nd Jul 2011 15:47 in reply to "factsoup"
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«Co-financed by Fox and private equity fund Dune Entertainment, "Wolverine" had a budget of $130 million, according to the studio» [1]

I'm sorry, I fail to see the relation.
It's features, not price for professionals. This release aims at amateurs and semi-professionals (who could afford all those you listed, anyway).


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