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Apple With all the news about Anonymous, LulzSec, Anti-Sec, and so on, you'd almost forget there are more ethical hacking groups out there as well. One such group, YGN Ethical Hacker Group, informed Apple of several weaknesses in its developers website on April 25. Apple acknowledged the flaws, but so far, hasn't done anything about them. YGN Ethical Hacker Group has now stated they will fully disclose the vulnerabilities if Apple doesn't fix them in the coming few days.
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Apple's official policy was to deny the existance of malware they where finding on customer's computers when braught in for support.

- Do not aknowledge the existance of malware
- Do not fix the malware unless specifically asked to by the customer

It was not until public disclosure braught enough pressure from the consumer base that Apple publicly admitted knowledge of the problem and took steps to address it. The business PR image was more important than the customer's safety until customer's awareness threatened Apple's future product sales.

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