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Google Well, here we have another attempt. After the failure of the overly complicated Google Wave (remember that? It was supposed to change the world and all that), Google is undertaking another attempt at social networking. It's called Google+. Update: Forget the crap I wrote here, this article is seven pages on insider information on Google+. Surprised by the beautiful interface? It's been designed by Andy Hertzfeld. The Andy Hertzfeld.
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Stop pretending you said something you did not say, and stop pretending you didn't say something which you did say.

I never claimed I didn't say that. But you have English reading comprehension problems if you think that what I meant was that I want Google to share my info with others.

Seriously, what is it with Google fans? They are almost as bad as Apple fans. No matter what Google does, there are Google fans that will defend it.

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If you actually read what wrote, you would see I that the only thing I defended them from was your absurd and ludicrous assertion that not sharing your private data makes their stuff a "walled garden". As someone accusing others of reading comprehension problems, you sure seem to have some plank in your eye.

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