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Apple Well, this just got interesting. There's been a bit of a backlash over Apple's Final Cut X Pro, which is considered a step down from previous versions by many professional videographers, as they claim it lacks countless features - leading to the nickname 'iMovie Pro'. Former Shake product designer and former Apple employee Ron Brinkmann has now weighed in on the situation. His advice to professionals? Don't rely on companies like Apple.
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RE[6]: Apple is getting arrogant
by JAlexoid on Wed 29th Jun 2011 21:16 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Apple is getting arrogant"
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The sales numbers tell a different story.

You mean the sales numbers that have been dropping every single quarter for the last 4(before they dropped the price)? They managed to sell 9mil over the holiday season, only due to the radical price drop. And after that, they are back on their downward trend of dropping the sales numbers...

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Isn't that normal in their release cycle (which is actually a bit extended this round)? They seem to be right on target (just a just a bit behind) to get on with new hardware.

They also haven't had any exciting software releases - none of the big ones - Zelda, Metroid (Other M didn't count *grumble*), Mario (except a mid cycle sequel - which itself is uncharacteristic of Nintendo) - even a Mario Kart.

I bet the numbers tick up this year with the coming Zelda release, and a few other notable titles.

BTW, 3DS - according to the dominant narrative - had disappointing sales numbers. Again, the figures say they sold more than expected - but it wasn't a stellar release against other console releases that came along with flagship software. But the soothsayers in the media, really want that narrative to be about the coming sea change - the switch from specialized hardware to general purpose hardware (eg, Apple's hardware) - so they select their evidence carefully to cater to their confirmation bias.

We'll see what happens when Nintendo comes out swinging with AAA software - watch how the narrative changes then. ;-)

One last thing. Chasing the quarterly numbers - sounds like a losing game to me (just ask Barack Obama).

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And yet today they are loosing sales left and right with Wii. While XBox360 and PS3 are picking up steam.

If they can get their fortunes back on track, then good for them. But they will have to sink a lot of development $$$ into their new system*. While MS and Sony can deliver something value added to their devices.

I bet Sony will be making money off PS3 for a good 5 more years. They are still making money off PS2 today... And PS3 is the only console today that can do stereoscopic gaming.

* - Wii is previous generation console. Current gen is PS3, XBox360 and WiiU

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