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Google Well, here we have another attempt. After the failure of the overly complicated Google Wave (remember that? It was supposed to change the world and all that), Google is undertaking another attempt at social networking. It's called Google+. Update: Forget the crap I wrote here, this article is seven pages on insider information on Google+. Surprised by the beautiful interface? It's been designed by Andy Hertzfeld. The Andy Hertzfeld.
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RE: Google? What's that?
by Morgan on Thu 30th Jun 2011 07:57 UTC in reply to "Google? What's that?"
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Huh? is where a LOT of the crap in my spam folder comes from. I don't think I'd be trusting them any time soon.

I've actually enjoyed the webmail interface from Tiger Technologies. It's not worth the monthly fee if all you want is webmail, but if you already host a site with them (I host two) it makes for a nice stripped-down alternative to gmail. It's fast and mostly text-based, very similar to SquirrelMail (in fact it feels like a derivative), and gives you a nice amount of control over your account. It doesn't have all of Google's advanced features of course, but those shiny baubles come at the price of your privacy.

Then there's the whole brand recognition thing. Some would argue that having a "" address shouldn't matter either way these days, but tell that to anyone who still uses When gmail first started, those who had the coveted domain name were revered as alpha geeks with early invites. These days it's as common a sight as my Toyota Corolla (I always seem to have a few others around me in downtown Atlanta traffic). The day may indeed come when is the new and the Next Big Thing in electronic messaging is in force.

Perhaps the best solution is to pay the small monthly fee for a simple shared hosting plan with email accounts included, install SquirrelMail or another adequate webmail interface to your webspace, and become

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RE[2]: Google? What's that?
by pantheraleo on Thu 30th Jun 2011 13:20 in reply to "RE: Google? What's that?"
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Huh? is where a LOT of the crap in my spam folder comes from.

Well, most of the spam I get actually comes from GMail addresses and Yahoo addresses. I don't think I have ever gotten any from

I don't think I'd be trusting them any time soon.

I trust them more than I trust Google because their privacy policy explicitly states that they will never scan my email, other than scanning attachments for viruses. And their Webmail interface is pretty nice as well.

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