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Opera Software Jon S. von Tetzchner has been with Opera for a long time - in fact, he co-founded the browser maker back in 1995, and led the company to great success; the desktop version may play a niche role, the various mobile versions surely do not. Today though, he has announced he will be leaving the company due to differences with the board and management.
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RE[6]: dont dumb down
by PresentIt on Thu 30th Jun 2011 17:33 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: dont dumb down "
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The topic at is enough to support my claim, the one that you call "complete and utter nonsense"

That's the most pathetic example I have ever seen. Was the behavior customizable in the past?

Your claim was: "moved away from offering a highly customisable "power user" browser in favour of eye-candy and flashy gimmicks"

Your example shows nothing of the sorts. All it shows is that a tiny thing changed (for the better), and you are whining about it.

Btw, the topic was opened by me and the number of "+1"'s is also enough proof that I am not simply babbling.

No, it is proof that people don't like change.

And no, no noob here. I am a long-time user of Opera, since 2000 actually.

You have used Opera for more than 10 years, and were still not aware of all the massive changes? So if you aren't a noob, then what are you? A guy with extremely poor memory?

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