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Legal I think we just witnessed the seed for a whole boatload of new patent lawsuits in the mobile space. The bid for the massive Nortel patent portfolio, has been won not by Google, but by a consortium of companies including Apple, Microsoft, and Research In Motion. Sigh.
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Comment by flanque
by flanque on Fri 1st Jul 2011 23:14 UTC
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This action is merely a symptom of a problem. I really do not blame them.

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RE: Comment by flanque
by bassbeast on Sat 2nd Jul 2011 09:09 in reply to "Comment by flanque"
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This to me proves that while free as in freedom needs to stay free as in beer in FLOSS needs to DIAF. If FLOSS is to survive it is gonna need patent warchests of its own, not just to depend on the kindness of corps like IBM. Just imagine how much safer FOSS would be right now if someone like Red Hat would have had the money to take a shot at these? or Canonical had the money to buy up Novell and all those patents?

No in the end free as in beer simply has to go because no matter how nice you are to the community too many will be happy to f*ck you out of every last penny to increase their own profits. Who gives the most code and time back to the community? Why that would be Red hat by a long shot. What is on nearly 2/3rds of the web servers out there? NOT RHEL, but instead an OS "created" by a real scumbag company that USED to buy RHEL for their appliances but decided they would rather have RH's code without actually paying for it. I am of course referring to CentOS.

So in the end FOSS can either get with the times and come up with a "free for non commercial use" license to keep the leeches from bleeding them dry, or as the economy continues to sour be more and more backed into a corner as those that would like to see FOSS die buy up patents by the truckload from failing companies, including former FOSS heavyweights like Novell.

In the end I bet 20 years from now people will shake their heads when talking about FOSS and say it was killed by the classic free rider scenario. As the economy circles the drain things will get worse and worse for FOSS companies and at that very moment thanks to the GPL that is when they will have the most free riders leeching off them! Mark my words it will end up the ONLY FOSS you can run is either corp approved like Android, or in some third world country that doesn't have treaties with the USA, which numbers fewer by the day. Not a rosy future I'd say.

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