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Internet & Networking Via TorrentFreak: "Entertainment industry lobby groups often describe file-sharers as thieves who refuse to pay for any type of digital content. But not everyone agrees with this view. Swedish telecom giant Ericsson sees copyright abuse as the underlying cause of the piracy problem. In a brilliant article, Rene Summer, Director of Government and Industry Relations at Ericsson, explains how copyright holders themselves actually breed pirates by clinging to outdated business methods." No faeces, Sherlock.
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Comment by Luminair
by Luminair on Sat 2nd Jul 2011 01:24 UTC
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Brilliant bits.

"File-sharing is a symptom of a problem, rather than a problem in itself. This problem is the inadequate availability of legal, timely, competitively priced and wide-ranging choices of affordable digital-content offerings. Consumers also expect to be able to make decisions freely regarding when and how to consume the content of their choice. By clinging to outdated business methods such as windowing and territoriality, economic-rights holders are in fact creating the consumer behavior against when they so violently protest."

He goes on to call for the european union-ification of digital content law, forcing there to be no digital borders for content in europe. That's the good kind of socialization, and requested by a business no less.

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RE: Comment by Luminair
by JAlexoid on Sat 2nd Jul 2011 09:13 in reply to "Comment by Luminair"
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That's not exactly socialism. But erasing content restriction borders in EU would be a major step forward.

Why the ***** do the media companies and content owners force Amazon MP3 store to be region based? They get their cut off each sale, not one single pay-off.
I buy music when I'm in UK or Germany from Amazon MP3, without blinking... Yet when I am in my home country, I am not allowed to buy anymore. What do I do? I infringe on copyrights once in a while.
It's not about the money at this point - it's all about convenience for me. Buying an MP3 on Amazon is way more convenient than fetching a torrent. Getting a proxy to appear from UK or US is much less convenient than fetching a torrent.

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