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Internet & Networking Via TorrentFreak: "Entertainment industry lobby groups often describe file-sharers as thieves who refuse to pay for any type of digital content. But not everyone agrees with this view. Swedish telecom giant Ericsson sees copyright abuse as the underlying cause of the piracy problem. In a brilliant article, Rene Summer, Director of Government and Industry Relations at Ericsson, explains how copyright holders themselves actually breed pirates by clinging to outdated business methods." No faeces, Sherlock.
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RE: Competing with piracy
by Alfman on Sat 2nd Jul 2011 02:35 UTC in reply to "Competing with piracy"
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"When somebody invents a 3D printer and you can reproduce a car for $0, that's going to turn this entire economy on its ass."

A bit exaggerated, yes?

You can say the same thing about any other industry which has seen a strong workforce shrivel into oblivion at the hand of automation.

Expressive media in digital form is very obviously different from physical goods. The most fundamental difference is that there is no physical limit on supply. The natural law of supply and demand dictates a price approaching zero. It's only because of artificial controls on supply that copies have any value.

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RE[2]: Competing with piracy
by JAlexoid on Sat 2nd Jul 2011 09:17 in reply to "RE: Competing with piracy"
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You got the point but the details are a bit different. In a competitive market margins approach 0 and prices approach production and distribution costs.

And they do, for most other goods... A lil' problem is that media industry has inflated production costs.

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