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Internet & Networking Via TorrentFreak: "Entertainment industry lobby groups often describe file-sharers as thieves who refuse to pay for any type of digital content. But not everyone agrees with this view. Swedish telecom giant Ericsson sees copyright abuse as the underlying cause of the piracy problem. In a brilliant article, Rene Summer, Director of Government and Industry Relations at Ericsson, explains how copyright holders themselves actually breed pirates by clinging to outdated business methods." No faeces, Sherlock.
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RE: Comment by flanque
by Laurence on Sat 2nd Jul 2011 12:32 UTC in reply to "Comment by flanque"
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The word 'faeces' is disgusting. Just say 'shit'.

Faeces is actually a better term to use in reporting as it's allowed for day time broadcasting.

That aside I do agree with you that it sounds more grotesque. However the problem with languages is what's repulsive for one person might not be for another. For me, I've heard and used the "s" word a lot, so have become desensitised to it. But others would understandably consider it a "no no" term.

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RE[2]: Comment by flanque
by Moredhas on Sat 2nd Jul 2011 21:44 in reply to "RE: Comment by flanque"
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What you need, if you say "no faeces..." is a detective's name beginning with F. It would make sense then.

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RE[3]: Comment by flanque
by Morgan on Tue 5th Jul 2011 07:39 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by flanque"
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In that case, try "No feces, Frank (Serpico)".

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