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Apple Even though I was extremely sceptical of this whole tablet thing, I bought an iPad 2 a few weeks ago. Obviously, this occasion couldn't pass by without a proper review of the thing on OSNews, so here we are. Inside, my view on the iPad 2, and more importantly, how my perception of tablets has been turned around completely.
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by macachuania on Mon 4th Jul 2011 05:37 UTC
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Interesting thoughts overall.

Just to nitpick though, Thom wrote:
"Innovation is when people come up with new ideas for the first time, which is incredibly hard."

I don't really associate "innovation" with new ideas for the first time - that's better left to "invention". gives the following root for "innovate":

1540–50; < Latin innovātus past participle of innovāre to renew, alter, equivalent to in- in-2 + novātus ( novā ( re ) to renew, verbal derivative of novus new + -tus past participle suffix)

So innovation has some sense of "renewal" in it. You can innovate even if you aren't the first at anything. Which is why one definition of "innovate" is:

verb (used without object)
1. to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.

I have no problems with companies, like Apple, claiming they "innovate". Heck, even Steve Jobs has idols... which includes Alan Kay... check out the following comment:

When the Mac first came out, Newsweek asked me what I [thought] of it. I said: Well, it’s the first personal computer worth criticizing. So at the end of the presentation, Steve came up to me and said: Is the iPhone worth criticizing? And I said: Make the screen five inches by eight inches, and you’ll rule the world.


I suspect Apple and Steve Jobs know they are innovators... as distinct from inventors in the Alan Kay sense. I also suspect they know better than most the history around tablets.

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RE: Innovators
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Tue 5th Jul 2011 05:30 in reply to "Innovators"
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Wow, I'm in even more awe of Alan Kay. Not only did he predict the ipad, he intuitively knew that they must have come up with it before the iphone. I wish I had a billionth of that guy's insight into computational devices and their uses.

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