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Apple Even though I was extremely sceptical of this whole tablet thing, I bought an iPad 2 a few weeks ago. Obviously, this occasion couldn't pass by without a proper review of the thing on OSNews, so here we are. Inside, my view on the iPad 2, and more importantly, how my perception of tablets has been turned around completely.
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by kovacm on Mon 4th Jul 2011 10:43 UTC
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"This is not very surprising. Contrary to what fancy gadget blogs and forum commenters want to believe, neither Apple nor Microsoft are very innovative companies. Both of them are businesses, which means they take other people's ideas, assemble them, and turn them into something that can sit on a shelf and earn money. That's called business sense, and it's a very, very valuable skill - but it's not innovation."

you totally mis point (as half of 'net user these days...) - it is not important who was first at all!

PROBLEM is that Microsoft (Bill Gates) peddling second-hand, second-rate technology, for more than TWO decades !!

Microsoft was MOST important and influent company with 95% of GLOBAL OS market share! - they had power to innovate, to bring NEW technologies to the MASSES but they done completely opposite for TWO decades! they stall IT by peddling second-hand, second-rate technology !! they try so hard to hold monopolistic position* by any means that they eventually ended up in court.

*they did not earn it with good products over time but IBM simple granted Bill Gates monopoly (they overlook army of PC clones).

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