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Multimedia, AV A few days ago Sony released the 11th version of their consumer "Movie Studio HD Platinum" version of their popular PC video editing platform, Vegas. A variety of new features can be found in it, most importantly 3D stereoscopic editing support, and a faster h.264 decoder for AVCHD/digicam/dSLR footage.
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good video
by backdoc on Tue 5th Jul 2011 00:58 UTC
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I liked your video. It was interesting and entertaining. I don't own a Windows computer. So, this is not on my radar. But, I don't do much video editing anyway.

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RE: good video
by WorknMan on Tue 5th Jul 2011 02:46 in reply to "good video"
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I'm guessing this would be a bit overkill for just editing some home videos... is there something a little more iMove-ish on the Windows platform?

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RE[2]: good video
by Eugenia on Tue 5th Jul 2011 02:57 in reply to "RE: good video"
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I don't think that Vegas Platinum is overkill, it's as it should be for its price.

iMovie is missing a lot of features, even for people who are not interested apart from family/travel videos. For example, iMovie does not have 24p support, so if someone just bought a recent cheap Canon HD digicam (their 2011 models are all 1080/24p), and puts it on iMovie's timeline, the app adds pulldown and makes it 30p. And when the user exports, there's a buttload of ghosting because of resampling that Quicktime usually adds in the conversion. That's a show-stopper from the get-go in my opinion. This is not a case of "24p being for pros only", because in this day and age a lot of cheap cameras shoot in 24p.

As much as iMovie does the very basics right, any modern user would hit a wall with it within a few weeks (in my case it was days -- I started on iMovie). With Vegas that wall is further away. Years even.

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RE[2]: good video
by Ultimatebadass on Tue 5th Jul 2011 13:31 in reply to "RE: good video"
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is there something a little more iMove-ish on the Windows platform?

Have you tried Windows Live Movie Maker?

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