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Multimedia, AV A few days ago Sony released the 11th version of their consumer "Movie Studio HD Platinum" version of their popular PC video editing platform, Vegas. A variety of new features can be found in it, most importantly 3D stereoscopic editing support, and a faster h.264 decoder for AVCHD/digicam/dSLR footage.
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RE[2]: good video
by Eugenia on Tue 5th Jul 2011 02:57 UTC in reply to "RE: good video"
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I don't think that Vegas Platinum is overkill, it's as it should be for its price.

iMovie is missing a lot of features, even for people who are not interested apart from family/travel videos. For example, iMovie does not have 24p support, so if someone just bought a recent cheap Canon HD digicam (their 2011 models are all 1080/24p), and puts it on iMovie's timeline, the app adds pulldown and makes it 30p. And when the user exports, there's a buttload of ghosting because of resampling that Quicktime usually adds in the conversion. That's a show-stopper from the get-go in my opinion. This is not a case of "24p being for pros only", because in this day and age a lot of cheap cameras shoot in 24p.

As much as iMovie does the very basics right, any modern user would hit a wall with it within a few weeks (in my case it was days -- I started on iMovie). With Vegas that wall is further away. Years even.

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RE[3]: good video
by backdoc on Tue 5th Jul 2011 03:12 in reply to "RE[2]: good video"
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One thing that iMovie and OSX are both missing is native AVCHD support. Microsoft easily beats Apple at this. I'm disappointed with Apple's neglect of H.264. I had to spend a few dollars to buy an addon to Finder just so I could see thumbnail previews of my AVCHD files.

My camera is an HG20.

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RE[4]: good video
by Eugenia on Tue 5th Jul 2011 03:31 in reply to "RE[3]: good video"
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Back in the day iMovie used to re-encode AVCHD and HDV footage in the Apple Intermediate Codec which was a disaster (a very lossy format actually). I don't know if it does the same still, of it's using ProRES instead now, but regardless, having to wait for re-encoding is not fun. Vegas Platinum 11 loads and edits these formats as-is, in real time. There is no waiting time.

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RE[3]: good video
by kaiwai on Tue 5th Jul 2011 03:45 in reply to "RE[2]: good video"
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The impression I always get with the iMovie products from Apple is the assumption by them that the end user will be either using the built in iSight camera or the camera in iPhone/iPod Touch - it pretty much goes back to the old adage that Apple products are great as so long as you keep within the narrow parameters of what they sell.

It makes me wonder though in the case of high end hardware vendors like RED why such a move by them hasn't been made in terms of acquiring something like Avid so that they have their own in-house solution versus being dependent on third parties.

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