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Microsoft "One of Microsoft's hottest new profit centers is a smartphone platform you've definitely heard of: Android. Google's Linux-based mobile operating system is a favorite target for Microsoft's patent attorneys, who are suing numerous Android vendors and just today announced that another manufacturer has agreed to write checks to Microsoft every time it ships an Android device. Microsoft's latest target is Wistron Corp., which has signed a patent agreement 'that provides broad coverage under Microsoft's patent portfolio for Wistron's tablets, mobile phones, e-readers and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome platform', Microsoft announced." That's the reality we live in, folks. This is at least as criminal - if not more so - than Microsoft's monopoly abuse late last century. After the Nortel crap, it's completely left the black helicopter camp for me: Microsoft, Apple, and several others are working together to fight Android the only way they know how: with underhand mafia tactics. Absolutely sickening. Hey Anonymous, are you listening? YES I WENT THERE.
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RE[7]: Patents are patents
by lemur2 on Wed 6th Jul 2011 11:56 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Patents are patents"
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Ok and the the documents where Microsoft make this claim without proof is?


"Microsoft patent division taking cash from at least 5 Android vendors"

Microsoft did not create any part of Android. Not one single line of the code.

Microsoft offer no proof whatsoever that they have any claim at all over said Android vendors. All Microsoft offer is threats of lawsuit.


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RE[8]: Patents are patents
by Tractor on Wed 6th Jul 2011 12:37 in reply to "RE[7]: Patents are patents"
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Indeed, the real issue here is that Microsoft does not even need to disclose anything to extort money : just the threat of going to litigation is enough.

The small company know that, even if they are in their own right, fighting will cost them so much, and risks are so high, that the only sensible to do is to settle. It has nothing to do with any patent being valid : the prosecution is so complex and the patent system so badly broken in US (anyone remembering RIM 600 millions USD settlement on a patent claim broad enough to attack the SMS ?) that no one can actually guarantee they will win. The only thing you can do is plan to fight, and how much resources you can afford in this fight. If you know you can't draft enough forces, you'll lose, or die before the end of the fight. End of story.

I agree this is mostly because the US patent system is broken, but just saying that abusing a broken system is "good" is not my opinion either ! Everybody on Earth has a responsibility, and choose by his/her actions to make the world a worse or better place. I could just go and kill the grand ma on the other side of the street and steal her wallet without any risk for me, but for some reason i wouldn't do it. And no, this is not "only" because of the police.

Just abusing a situation because you can is not good reason enough. Not for normal and honest citizens. Now, for crooks and villains, yes, this is good reason enough. Now, choose your side.

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