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OSNews, Generic OSes No, your eyes aren't deceiving you - we have actually have not one, but two news items on hobby/small operating systems on the same day! You thought the day would never come again, but hey, here we are. You're welcome. Now, what are we talking about? FreeDOS - a test release has been, uh, released for FreeDOS 1.1.
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RE: Does it run Doom on W7
by Rugxulo on Wed 6th Jul 2011 17:50 UTC in reply to "Does it run Doom on W7"
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I just purchased complete Doom package from Steam (total of 7 games/addons for 8€) and am having difficulties running Ultimate doom on DosBOX on W7. Can FreeDOS fix the "problem"

Doom2 works better on DosBOX and is nicely playable.

What exactly isn't working? You could try replacing the .EXE itself with a "newer" "port" [sic] and see if that helps, e.g. Eternity:

EDIT: Obligatory related links:

Note that sound is a huge lack in real DOS these days since SB-compatible hardware hasn't been bundled in ages. So I'm not sure you'll want to play on real hardware (thus DOSBox is a good alternative). I can't remember offhand what this build of Eternity supports, I think it's only Allegro 3, but I (barely, in the past) was able to recompile with Allegro 3.12 for slightly better functionality (patches.dat, VBE/AF), if that helps you any (doubt it).

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