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Linux Linux.FR has an interview with Lennart Poettering of PulseAudio and systemd fame (among others). Regarding PulseAudio: "I can understand why people were upset, but quite frankly we didn't really have another option than to push it into the distributions when we did. While PulseAudio certainly wasn't bug-free when the distributions picked it up the majority of issues were actually not in PulseAudio itself but simply in the audio drivers. PulseAudio's timer-based scheduling requires correct timing information supplied by the audio driver, and back then the drivers weren't really providing that. And that not because the drivers were really broken, but more because the hardware was, and the drivers just lacked the right set of work-arounds, quirks and fixes to compensate for it."
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Lennart Poettering...
by PhilPotter on Fri 8th Jul 2011 12:46 UTC
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I can see both sides of the argument when it comes to Poettering. Although he seems to have what outwardly is a quite arrogant persona, I find myself agreeing with him more often than not.

PulseAudio 'was' a nightmare, these days it is pretty good in my opinion. I spent about 3-4 days just playing around with it and integrating it into my LFS system, and after that it worked perfectly for me - I don't even have to think about sound issues now. I appreciate the work he and others have done to get it to this stage, and I am particularly impressed with the automatic ACL handling etc. by ConsoleKit - admittedly it required a recompile of udev in my case, but then I do make things hard for myself with LFS :-p

I appreciate that BSD and Solaris users are left out in the cold in terms of things like systemd, and I think the more operating systems the better, but as Lennart says - nothing is stopping them from porting it or reimplementing it, other than the large amount of work involved. A Linux user 'can' use it if they wish, or they can use systemV-init, upstart, or whatever works for them - no one is forcing them to use these modern elements.

That being the case, my only criticism of Lennart is his demeanour towards those of a different opinion.

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