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3D News, GL, DirectX More patent news? Sorry, but for some reason, there's a spike in patent, trademark, and related news this week - not entirely unsurprising considering it's earnings season. HTC, currently under attack from Apple and a recent signer of Microsoft patent agreement regarding Android, has bought S3 Graphics... For the patents. Patents Apple has already been found infringing upon.
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RE: Comment by flanque
by bassbeast on Sat 9th Jul 2011 00:16 UTC in reply to "Comment by flanque"
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Well I would say since S3 compression is a part of pretty much EVERY video compression schema, and is a part of BOTH DirectX and OpenGL they are pretty darn valuable and I'm shocked they sold for that little. to me the sad part is it just shows Via was hammered even more than AMD by the Intel bribery and compiler scandals. If I was Via i'd be suing for billions!

Finally let us bow our heads in a little silent goodbye for old S3. For many of us old timers the S3 Virge and Trio were a part of our gaming pasts, and now completely fades like Cyrix, WinChip, and the Voodoo before it. I even sold an S3 trio just a couple of months back to a customer that had a Win2K box he used for bookkeeping that had blown the IGP. He was so happy with how well it worked after sitting in a drawer for nearly 8 years he decided to forgo getting another GPU and stick to the S3.

So goodbye S3, there was a time when you were right in the thick of things, back when 2D was king and texture compression was a deal maker because of tiny GPU RAM amounts, but those days are gone now and now so are you. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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RE[2]: Comment by flanque
by wanker90210 on Sun 10th Jul 2011 17:09 in reply to "RE: Comment by flanque"
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If they had managed to do something good with S3 Virge instead of the useless crap it now was, S3 might have taken the lead. Noone wanted the stupid pass-through 3dfx but it was usable and essentially the only choice for us wanting to keep both our kidneys. Nvidia eventually managed to do what S3 failed and thus making TNT2 the king of pre GPU cards.

I had a S3 Virge and this is me dealing with disappointment some 14 years ago. Their earlier 2d cards were super and imho nicer than the earlier Cirrus-cards so I was expecting more or at least something usable. The same goes for Matrox really, why their half ass 3d venture? Didn't they or S3 think 3d would take off?

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