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Linux I've described how to refurbish mature computers in several articles. The emphasis has been on machines in the four to ten year old range -- Pentium IV's, D's, M's, III's and Celerons. But what if you have a really old computer, like a Pentium II, I, or even a 486? Can you use it for anything worthwhile? A vintage distro named Damn Small Linux answers "yes." This article describes DSL and tells how to make 1990's computers useful again. Screenshots follow the article.
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RE[5]: Repurposing Old Hardware
by WereCatf on Tue 12th Jul 2011 12:49 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Repurposing Old Hardware"
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As for the cost argument, however, I certainly agree that all computers are probably not equal from a production/recycling point of view. The question is, can we approximate these costs for all of them with a weighted average cost ? Or is this model not precise enough ?

As I said, someone with the proper data and good knowledge of statistics should work on this production/recycling cost problem. As it stands, we can argue all we want, but still cannot tell which of our intuitions is right. Your guess is as good as mine, as they say.

Indeed, it would be really nice to see some actual, in-depth research on it. I simply do not have enough knowledge of these things to be able to make any meaningful estimations, I'm simply throwing questions in the air.

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