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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A recent Retrevo Gadgetology survey suggests that users are unclear on what exactly 4G means, don't know whether their current mobile service is 4G or not, and even if they do know, are unsure of the benefit. It also seems that mobile device owners' loyalty to their chosen platform is more important to them than higher network speeds.
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Do I Need 4G?
by jweinraub on Tue 12th Jul 2011 18:45 UTC
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One word. No.
But, that being said, once it is more adopted and there is a concrete definition of what 4G exactly is, since marketing departments like to think HSPA+ is 4G while engineers will say it is LTE, just so they can peddle 4G products now, is adding to the said confusion.

Five years ago, if you proposed the same question regarding 3G I would had said no then too, but then I did not have a smart phone.

Now, there is tons of free wifi hotspots where I can get broadband speeds in most areas I travel. If I am in an area where I don't have access to wifi, 3G usually suffices. Will 4G make my life that much better? Perhaps. But for now 3G or 3.5G will be enough until say video on demand offers HD quality OTA where the bandwidth of 4G is needed. And data capping is certainly going to make having 4G rather moot anyway.

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