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Legal Tell 'm like it is, HTC. "HTC is disappointed at Apple's constant attempts at litigations instead of competing fairly in the market," said HTC general counsel Grace Lei in a statement, "HTC strongly denies all infringement claims raised by Apple in the past and present and reiterates our determination and commitment to protect our intellectual property rights."
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You see your already getting defensive by even the prospect of a copy of OSNews and here you are spouting off about how it's awful that other companies are defensive about the copies of their ideas/inventions. Like you these companies are defensive and their reacting to it.

You might argue something is obvious but I might disagree. This is what this is about really, two groups of individuals disagreeing about what is unique and what is obvious. (Just with proverbial nuclear weapons.)


PS. You should know that copying OSNews by automatically polling your servers and scraping your content would not actually be that hard and some basic grayhat SEO would likely make that content more authoritative then your original content (in effect making your original content look like the scamming copy) thereby depriving you of organic traffic.

What keeps people from doing that (other than a profit motive and a general respect for OSnews and you as an editor) is the awareness that you have copyright law on your side and you could make life difficult for the copier through legal avenues.

Or are you really saying that you would never use a lawyer (and hence copyright laws) to defend your intellectual rights.

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Actually, his exact words were "Go ahead." He then goes on to state basically that it wouldn't work out well for you, not that he would stop it.

It's OK to disagree with someone, but can we at least agree to disagree with what they actually said? Is that asking too much of an internet forum?

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