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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A recent Retrevo Gadgetology survey suggests that users are unclear on what exactly 4G means, don't know whether their current mobile service is 4G or not, and even if they do know, are unsure of the benefit. It also seems that mobile device owners' loyalty to their chosen platform is more important to them than higher network speeds.
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The difference
by wri7913 on Wed 13th Jul 2011 15:29 UTC
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Between 3g and 4g speeds can be likened to 56k vs T1.

On smartphones you can test your download speeds for 3G and 4G with and app called It can be downloaded in market or app store.

On my HTC Evo phone I can get 1 - 2 mbps download speeds with upload speed of .7mbps on the Sprint 4g Network

3G speeds tend to be about .7mbps both ways on a good day.

CLEAR Wimax is also 4G and I use it on my laptop from time to time. It has download speed of 4mbps with upload speeds of .7mbps

Even in my area with widespread 4G coverage it is difficult to pick up 4G on cell phone unless you are standing outside. I think that has more to do with the receptors in the cell phone. My laptop with CLEAR WIMAX can pick up signals just fine. I tend to turn off 4g and stick with 3g due to the battery issue (drains much faster on 4g) The only real use I find for 4G is when using my VRS Software (Video Relay Software or as you would know it a facetime type app).

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