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Windows With Windows Phone 7 being a success among critics and probably the only mobile platform which tries to take at least baby steps away from the old WIMP/desktop paradigm, it's not entirely unsurprising that a lot of people are asking for Windows Phone 7 on tablets. However, Microsoft once again reiterated that WP7 is not meant for tablets, since they view tablets as PCs - hence, they will be running regular Windows.
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Comment by vtolkov
by vtolkov on Thu 14th Jul 2011 00:35 UTC
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I often read about this "consuming content" rubbish. Most of the "content" people create is created in facebook, email, chat, etc, few lines of texts exactly. iPad is quite suitable for that. My daughter paints nice pictures on it, using special stylus. I've tried to write blog posts using Apple's BT keyboard, it works just fine.

So if we need professional use, we need a desktop/laptop, and with most of standard consumer scenarios, iPad is almost perfect, with both, consuming and creating.

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RE: Comment by vtolkov
by wargum on Thu 14th Jul 2011 10:49 in reply to "Comment by vtolkov"
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Yeah, but still, you would get an iPad-like device PLUS a device that can handle a fully featured Office Suite, fully featured music creation tool, fully featured graphics creation tool and what not. I don't know about you, but I think to have the possibilities right there is quite compelling. And, you know, the first devices will come out next year, so ARM devices will be quite a bit faster than today. So, the speed shouldn't be such a limiting factor anymore. And of course you can always opt for an x86 Windows 8 tablet, though you will probably lose quite a chunk of mobility with that.

I even think that Apple will try to do the exact same thing with iOS and Mac OS X. They'll be merged eventually and run on a Tablet. So keep the idea growing on you and cheer Apple for doing it the day they announce this move ;) And don't forget to keep on bashing MS meanwhile ;)

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