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Windows With Windows Phone 7 being a success among critics and probably the only mobile platform which tries to take at least baby steps away from the old WIMP/desktop paradigm, it's not entirely unsurprising that a lot of people are asking for Windows Phone 7 on tablets. However, Microsoft once again reiterated that WP7 is not meant for tablets, since they view tablets as PCs - hence, they will be running regular Windows.
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Popular or not, I enjoy my BlackBerry Playbook, precisely because it doesn't dumb down the Internet.

Normal web pages, look like normal web pages. And FAST at that.

Now I don't subscribe to the FUD+BS by Apple against Adobe's Flash. It just works well enough IMHO.

The Playbook has a true and proven real-time symmetric multitasking QNX OS.

I admit I am partial to QNX since I've been developing with it since 1982.

Just follow the money, and you'll understand everything better.

I believe Apple spread all kinds of BS about Adobe, to justify the monetization (and 30% Apple Tax) of all apps sold. Basically to herd people to the Apple App Store. And generate recurring revenues.

If the cloud is Internet driven, it makes sense to utilize HTML and any (real) web browser.

Does Google / Amazon / Facebook really require a dedicated app?

Maybe, but first, let us use the full Internet via a true web browser.

Even Google's Chrome as Flash built-in.

What gets me is the cognitive dissonance the Apple cultists display: They need to believe Apple can do no wrong regardless of evidence or facts.

(BTW: this is not directed at you RichterKuato.)

And for me at least, any tablet is a consumption device. PERIOD.

Gimme a break, one cannot perform compute intensive processes on a mere low-power-battery operated device.

Any mobile device's purpose is merely form-factor, wirelessness, and optional IMHO. Yeah, try to build a house with a cordless rechargeable saw/drill/screwdriver.

The right tools for the right job.

Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.
~ Malcolm Forbes, 1919-1990

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Please try playing Dragon Age on facebook. Also, a quick trip over to would also be fun...

The one of reasons Apple doesn't want to put flash on the iPad is due to the fact that a lot of flash programs require hover. Flash only has: left-click, left-double click, & hover.

I still haven't learned how to hover on a touch screen.

Sorry, this should have been posted as a reply to the comment above saying that flash on a BlackBerry PlayBook works ok.

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