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Legal I've been sitting on this item all day. Technically, it's about patents and the like, and even I understand I've been beating this dead horse so often it almost looks like it's alive. However, this is an interesting opinion piece by Craig Hockenberry, long-time employee at The Iconfactory, one of my favourite software development houses - these guys breath software and beautiful design, and employ one of my favourite artists, David Lanham. The gist of his story? Software patents are killing the independent developer scene.
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RE: IP property == extra cheap money
by _txf_ on Thu 14th Jul 2011 23:02 UTC in reply to "IP property == extra cheap money"
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in future, as Hollywood movies and American cars gets less popular.
BTW. Can anyone in future claim ownership of the whole Universe and become The Omnipotent God to other humans?

Movies fall under copyrights not patents. Also american cars are a piece of sh*t, not sure how much less popular they can get (they're even unpopular within the US, let alone the rest of the world).

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Copyrighted or not, movies made the big part of The Great American Cultural Expansion, that brought a lot of money here. It was like fraudulently exchanging beads and whiskey for gold and territory with Native Indian Americans.
Now patents will try to do the same job.

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