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Legal Patent term calculation is complicated in the US because there are essentially two different systems and quite a few corner cases. Even with a list of patents, it can be tricky to determine when the patents are all expired. Since I am a computer programmer (and not a lawyer), I created a program to try and automate this. This paper discusses how patent term calculation works, and some results from a combination of hand and automatic term calculation for MP3, MPEG-2 and H.264.
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The sad irony of it all
by vitae on Sat 16th Jul 2011 07:46 UTC
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"In 1997, five years after the lawsuit was decided, all lingering infringement questions against Microsoft regarding the Lisa and Macintosh GUI as well as Apple's "QuickTime piracy" lawsuit against Microsoft were settled in direct negotiations.",_Inc._v._Microsoft_Corp...

God forbid, they should have settled it BEFORE it tied up the courts unnecessarily, and now things have gotten completely out of control.

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