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OSNews, Generic OSes "Plan 9 has been forked to start a development out of the Bell Labs (or whatever they are called these days...). This true community-approach allows further development of Plan 9, even if the shrinking resources at Bell-Labs for Plan 9 are vanishing. The homepage and the code can be both found at Google code. You can boot 9front from the regulary built live cd or build the binaries in your existing Plan 9 installation. Installation instructions and further information can be obtained at the 9front wiki."
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Wha tnow
by divide_by_zero on Sat 16th Jul 2011 23:16 UTC
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Yeah, it's great to know that exists and all. I am sure someone is having a great time with plan 9. I loved picking up the CD one and playing with it for a couple of hours, learning how to "ls" and how to use that crazy text editor of theirs. But I'll stick with my Linux+emacs, thanks.

I love all kinds of crazy things, but I have a feeling maybe Plan9 isn't crazy enough. BSD for example could be too similar to Linux and other stuff, but it had a large community for enough time to secure its existence. If you are not crazy, you need a large community. So where are THEY going?

HURD was maybe crazy enough, but had too many crazy developers too. And went anywhere because all the theoretical arguments didn't made its way into actually making development easier, on the contrary.

So where are they going? Is it all justifiable because of just the file system, for instance?...

Inferno does seem to be going somewhere interesting, but I'm still not feeling the heat anyway...

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RE: Wha tnow
by jptros on Sun 17th Jul 2011 00:52 in reply to "Wha tnow"
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I think you meant Linux could be similar to BSD and has a large community that has worked hard to secure it's existence since BSD and its community predates Linux by a long shot.

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RE[2]: Wha tnow
by ricegf on Sun 17th Jul 2011 11:22 in reply to "RE: Wha tnow"
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BSD (a variant of Unix) indeed predates Linux (which began development in 1991) by quite a bit. However, FreeBSD didn't begin until 1993, after the AT&T lawsuit was resolved.

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RE: Wha tnow
by fran on Sun 17th Jul 2011 10:30 in reply to "Wha tnow"
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what about Inferno OS
It's sort of the successor of plan 9 from Bell Labs.

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RE[2]: Wha tnow
by eekee on Sun 17th Jul 2011 11:30 in reply to "RE: Wha tnow"
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It's limited by being a bytecode environment only targeted by one language. This isn't all bad; Inferno is still more portable than Java after all these years, and bytecode is somewhat good for a unix-like environment by eliminating the need for context switches (which are especially slow on some ARM procs, for example), but there are areas where it is just plain slow whatever. Adding C modules to a running Inferno system is also impossible, requiring rebooting, and is kernel code in any case.

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RE[2]: Wha tnow
by Not2Sure on Wed 20th Jul 2011 16:16 in reply to "RE: Wha tnow"
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I've never really understood the relationship either. I would love it if someone with knowledge could explain it.

I mean I know that Inferno was a stable, marketable release of plan9 that was commerical failure and the rights sold to VitaNova. And I think it may even include a jvm? VitaNova eventually released the source for Inferno under GPL. Is VitaNova still actively developing it or is it just maintenance?

So now plan9 development has diverged from Inferno? Who is continuing it, what are the main development goals, and is there a mailing list or something?

Thanks for any info.

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