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Google So, Google has come under scrutiny by the US Federal Trade Commission for possible anti-competitive practices. While I would say the FTC has far larger threats to competition to worry about (the inevitable p-word), it would appear there's sufficient suspicion to take a gander at Google's business practices.
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I'm more concerned about Google's Youtube behaviour than their alleged monopolistic behaviour.

Google has done *as little as possible* to remove the thousands of vids on Youtube which promote or glorify terrorism. In spite of this, there seems to have been no interest in investigating this.

I am strongly for "free speech" and I have no problem with videos which "criticise". However, most (if not all) terrorist vids go well into hate-speech and "incitement to violence" territory.

I'm not sure what this has to do with the FTC investigation?

Also, why is it Google's job to investigate this, who decides where the boundary between free speech and hate-speech is? Should they censor their search results also, and how could they do this in a scalable way?

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Totally agree.

One person's terrorist is another persons hero.

It's up to international bodies like the UN to decide what is and is not terrorism. Not Google.

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