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Google So, Google has come under scrutiny by the US Federal Trade Commission for possible anti-competitive practices. While I would say the FTC has far larger threats to competition to worry about (the inevitable p-word), it would appear there's sufficient suspicion to take a gander at Google's business practices.
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RE[2]: Minor point
by steampoweredlawn on Tue 19th Jul 2011 07:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Minor point"
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For fun, I just used Google's search engine to search for "best search engine", and Google wasn't even mentioned in the first page of their own search results (which surprised me a lot). The top result (for me) was "". Then I used Google to search for "mobile phone" and Android wasn't mentioned. Now I'm starting to wonder if they're guilty of not doing everything they can do for their shareholders... :-)

Similarly, I did a quick Google search for "photo sharing". The first result I got was for Flickr, the second for Photobucket. Google's own Picasa came in third, above a Wikipedia link for photo sharing. Search for anything Google is trying to establish a presence in, and you'll find they do not favor their own product.

On the other hand, searching for "photo sharing" on Bing returns no mention of Picasa on the first page.

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