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Google For the first time, Google has opened its mouth against the patent trolling by Apple (and by proxy, Microsoft) against Android manufacturers. By way of Eric Schmidt, Google's chairman, the company took stand against the legal actions, and stated they aren't too worried. If need be, Google will ensure HTC doesn't lose the patent case against Apple.
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RE[3]: Apple does Innovate
by JAlexoid on Wed 20th Jul 2011 12:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Apple does Innovate"
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To be fair, the actual idea is quite novel. Useful? Maybe to some.

However, does it contain the inventive step? I don't think so. There is nothing novel about how that is achieved.

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RE[4]: Apple does Innovate
by galvanash on Wed 20th Jul 2011 12:36 in reply to "RE[3]: Apple does Innovate"
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There is nothing novel about how that is achieved.

Exactly. I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if parts of this method (automatic screen orientation use accelerometors or some other part) does have patents on it - I don't feel like digging to find out. Apple may not hold it, or it just may be something that really does have prior art - either way THIS patent is just stupid...

When you strip away all the important stuff (or really, the unimportant stuff as far as the patent goes), this is a patent on a finger gesture... Really? Yes. Really. That is all it is.

The rest of it is fair game as far as Apple is concerned, but incorporate the finger gesture part and boom, lawsuit. There are probably hundreds of trolls over in Cupertino doing nothing more than finding prior art that they can combine with a finger gesture (or something similar) so they can patent it... Everyone else does it too, it's not just Apple. It's ridiculous.

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