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Apple As widely anticipated, Apple's new major OSX release is available this morning, download-only, for $29.99 USD in the Mac App Store. There's a quick copy and paste job of the feature list after the jump. Also as expected, there's a new, Sandy Bridge-based Macbook Air. Update: A reader pointed out John Siracusa's Lion review at Ars.
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by Ikshaar on Thu 21st Jul 2011 13:41 UTC
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Have to agree with marcp, I find that release quite underwhelming... I love my Snow Leopard (recent convert here), don't get me wrong. But even after reading Ars review I really don't get it as a major upgrade - despite Ars enthusiastic conclusion.

I played with it already.. and wow really, the launchpad... you want to convince me a grid of icons is a major move forward !!?? I obviously did not drink enough KoolAid yet...

PS: I really don't like the idea of doing a partition resize to install ...

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by Sabon on Thu 21st Jul 2011 16:53 in reply to ":("
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The things that I think are the biggest benefits to people are:

1) Auto-saving. Users no longer will be forgetting to save their files.
2) Auto-saving. Users no longer will be forgetting to save their files.
3) Auto-saving. Users no longer will be forgetting to save their files.
4) Auto-saving. Users no longer will be forgetting to save their files.
5) Auto-saving. Users no longer will be forgetting to save their files.

I purposely am repeating the same thing. I'm a computer systems analyst for the organization I work for that has over 10,000 employees. Of the things that are the "users" fault this is one of the big things.

6) Versions - This will be great for when they write over the top of a document (instead of using a tradition restore) they can get back to the previous version.

7) Resume. This is a big time saving feature. Where else are you going to start working in a program other than where you left off? Most of the time, maybe 99% of the time, it will be where you left off.

Not only does this work for individual programs but also for when you shutdown or restart your computer. It will bring you right back to where you were working. Brilliant.

8) App-store - This actually started with Snow Leopard but for any new person coming from Windows to Mac OS X the App store is something they will love, just like they do on idevices.

9) Resizing windows anywhere on the Window - Twenty-Seven years in the making. This was a stupidly set in stone thing on Macs that was done right on most OSs (quite a few before Windows). Finally Mac OS X allows you to resize from any side and any corner.

10) Merging folders with drag and drop. Another FINALLY thing. Instead of stupidly replacing a folder if you drag another identically name folder on top of it, it will now merge the two folders together. Whoever thought the old way was smart, wasn't.

11) Address space layout randomization (ASLR). Another thing that many other OSs have and Mac OS X is finally getting a lot better with. Windows has it but it certainly hasn't kept malware from causing lots of headaches for Windows users but better security is always better as long as it doesn't take the user's rights away from them.

Summation - Everything else is "nice to have" but is BS when it comes to be the major features of Lion. I'm not caught up in the PR machine. I see things from the users' perspective and always have since I started programming in 1979. What users see and experience is what matters. If programmers looked at things from the user perspective, if they are even able to, lots of problems would never been created.

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by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 21st Jul 2011 20:05 in reply to "RE: :("
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Doesn't auto save have to be enabled in the application? I don't think MS word won't suddenly start working with it. It might be something pretty cool 3-5 years from now when most things support it.

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by Anonymous Penguin on Thu 21st Jul 2011 23:30 in reply to "RE: :("
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What impressed me most, though, is the huge difference in performance. With SL my MacBook Pro (early 2011) used to run hot, noisy (fan), slow. With Lion it is simply a pleasure to use: cool, quiet, fast...
Even if if you play a game in Parallels the CPU doesn't go mad.

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by marcp on Fri 22nd Jul 2011 07:43 in reply to "RE: :("
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Doc versioning *may* be useful to some, but not for all users. Some prefer to have carte blanche on start.

Resume - returning to previously saved state [halt-reboot sequnce] is something they already call "session management" in other OSs - notably Linux. XFCE has it, other DEs probobly has it.

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