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Linux Linux 3.0 has been released. Technically, the release of version 3.0 of the Linux kernel shouldn't be too eventful, since the jump in version number doesn't actually signify any huge change or whatever; the only reason behind the bump to 3.0 is to come to saner version numbering. Still, man, it's like, totally version 3 of the Linux kernel.
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I certainly don't mean to denigrate Linux, but I think in an ideal world you wouldn't know what version your kernel was at, anymore than people know without looking what version of WebKit or Gecko their browser is on.

Now, thats a great point!

Software that would "just work" really would be nice. I think thats sort of what Java meant to do when they started out, but look how far that got. Seems like .net does an pretty good job of handling different versions of stuff, but no offense to the Mono folks, I don't think .net will get any traction outside of MS land.

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