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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Research in Motion said today it is planning to cut 2000 jobs as part of a cost optimization program. The company gave other additional details on the program as well, which it first announced in June. The changes are aimed at creating greater alignment of the organization, and streamlining its operations to better position the company for future growth and profitability."
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There is already the BlackBerry Express server, which offers the most common features of BES for free. It also works on a BIS subscription.

Besides, most companies don't choose BES for the sync features only, but also for the strong encryption features, and the very detailed policy settings you can push to BB devices (I don't know how much exactly, but it seems there are over 100 different settings you can manage).

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Yet, without a need for BES or BES Express to be added to Exchange, all the other phone providers are able to do activesync directly and those devices cost less per month.

I see your point about the lots of other features that are allowed to be set through BES(x). With standard activesync, there is remote wipe plus maybe only a handful of others. That could be enough to allow the CEO to whisper to the CTO to tell the CISO to rewrite the policy and allow the iPhones of the world on the network.

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